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Workshop on perfecting the material outline supporting for autistic children in Vietnam

Workshop on perfecting the material outline supporting for autistic children in Vietnam

Cập nhật: 08/11/2018 - 10:08
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On the morning of September 18, at the International Conference Center (11 Le Hong Phong - Hanoi), the National Fund for Vietnamese Children (NFVC) in coordination with Hanoi National University of Education organize a workshop on perfecting the material outline of functional rehabilitation for children with autism in Vietnam. The program was co-initiated and sponsored by Phu Nhuan Jewelry Company (PNJ).

The workshop aimed at collecting remarks on materials and reaching a consensus on supporting for rehabilitation for autistic children in Vietnam. At the workshop, the NFVC presented the project "Raising awareness of autism in children in Viet Nam"; Center for Applied Research, Psychological Science - Education Hung Dong reported on the results of the survey, assessment of the situation and the need to develop a series of documents supporting autistic children in Vietnam. Also at the conference, PhD Tran Van Cong, a clinical psychologist of Hanoi National University, Associate Professor, PhD. Nguyen Xuan Hai, Special Education Department (Hanoi National University of Education) and expert team presented the necessary content of rehabilitation materials for autistic children in Viet Nam.

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Speaking at the seminar, Vice Minister Nguyen Thi Ha said "I hope that experts, managers, teachers will directly exchange practical information and basic education scientific, educational psychology, pedagogic method, learning program creation for children, give remarks to build a standard document. I wish you will give feedback on many different topics, exchange ideas between scientists, teachers on psychology, education and medical field.  I also hope that after the end of this project, we can propose meaningful policy, profoundly human impact with autistic children. 

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Ảnh minh họa

Ảnh minh họa

"It is expected that when the Autism Awareness in Vietnamese Children project is on completion, a standard set of document on supporting autistic children in Vietnam will be issued; 100 key staff will be trained on  propaganda and support for autistic children; 10,000 parents, caregivers of children with autism, staff involved in the protection, care and education of children have access to the standardized knowledge of children with autism in Viet Nam. About 4,000 autistic children will benefit indirectly from the project to integrate into the community. At the same time, the project will raise community awareness, reducing stigma and discrimination for children with autism and their families; increasing attention, responsibility and support from authorities and communities to the families with autistic children in intervention and supporting activities for children with autism; strengthening cooperation between Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, local professionals and communities in enhancing the organizing capacity of interventions for children with autism to bring about  meaningful life for children in the community. Through extensive media campaigns in the form of radio and television, families with autistic children and the social community are knowledgeable, empowered and equipped with some basic knowledge about autism children./.

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